Harun Alp

I am an Economist at the Federal Reserve Board. My research interest lies in macroeconomics, with a particular interest in firm dynamics, economic growth and innovation.  


Lack of Selection and Limits to Delegation: Firm Dynamics in Developing Countries
with Ufuk Akcigit and Michael Peters
American Economic Review, 2021, 111(1): 231–275
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Innovation, Reallocation and Growth
with Daron Acemoglu, Ufuk Akcigit, Nicholas Bloom and William R. Kerr
American Economic Review 2018, 108(11): 3450-91
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Working Papers

Committing to Grow: Privatizations and Firm Dynamics in East Germany
with Ufuk Akcigit, André Diegmann and Nicolas Serrano-Velarde

Incorporation, Selection and Firm Dynamics: A Quantitative Exploration

Technology Adoption and the Latin American TFP Gap
with Ufuk Akcigit, Maya Eden and Ha Nguyen

Work in Progress

Navigating Stormy Waters: Crises, Selection and Productivity Dynamics Under Financial Frictions
with Ufuk Akcigit and Ege Y. Ercan

Cost of Size-dependent Regulations: The Role of Informality and Firm Heterogeneity
with Ufuk Akcigit, Y. Emre Akgunduz, Seyit M. Cilasun and Jose M. Quintero

Career Choice of Entrepreneurs, Inventors and the Rise of ”Smart” Firms
with Ufuk Akcigit, Jeremy Pearce and Marta Prato

Old Papers

The Role of Monetary Policy in Turkey During the Global Financial Crisis (2013)
with Selim Elekdag
Braude, Jacob, et al., editors. The Great Recession: Lessons for Central Bankers. MIT Press

Stylized Facts for Business Cycles in Turkey (2012)
with Soner Baskaya, Mustafa Kilinc and Canan Yuksel
Working Papers 1202, Central Bank of Turkey

Did Korean Monetary Policy Help Soften the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009? (2012)
with Selim Elekdag and Subir Lall
IMF Working Papers 12/5, International Monetary Fund

Monetary Policy and Output Gap : Mind the Composition (2012)
with Fethi Ogunc and Cagri Sarikaya
CBT Research Notes in Economics 1207, Central Bank of Turkey

An Assessment of Malaysian Monetary Policy During the Global Financial Crisis (2012)
with Selim Elekdag and Subir Lall
IMF Working Papers 12/35, International Monetary Fund

Shock Therapy! What Role for Thai Monetary Policy? (2012)
with Selim Elekdag
IMF Working Papers 12/269, International Monetary Fund.

Estimating Optimal Hodrick-Prescott Filter Smoothing Parameter for Turkey
with Soner Başkaya, Mustafa Kılınç, Canan Yüksel
Iktisat Isletme ve Finans, 2011, 26 (306)

Measuring market based monetary policy expectations in Turkey
with Refet Gurkaynak, Hakan Kara, Gursu Keles, Musa Orak
Iktisat Isletme ve Finans, 2010, 25 (295)

Transmission of Monetary Policy in Turkey: The Effects of Monetary Policy on Financial Markets
with Zelal Aktas, Refet Gurkaynak, Mehtap Kesriyeli, Musa Orak
Iktisat Isletme ve Finans, 2009, 24 (278)

The views expressed here are my own, and do not represent the views of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve, nor any other person associated with the Federal Reserve System.